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Overnight Oats Recipe

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Overnight oats in a jar

Now the weather is warming up, I bet you're craving breakfasts that are no longer comforting and warming, such as porridge! If you still want to get your porridge fix without the heat, then why not try overnight oats instead?

The bonus to overnight oats include:

  • Preparation is done the night before - saving you time in the morning to either just simply enjoy the ready-made breakfast, or grab it to take with you on the go!

  • It will save you money, so you don't have to buy something from a shop if you're short on time in the mornings!

  • Soaking oats and nuts is actually quite beneficial for us, because soaking helps to break down the starches, makes it easier to digest, and reduces something called phytic acid, which can help your body absorb and use the nutrients more efficiently.

  • You don't have to think about what to have for breakfast, it's there waiting for you, ready when you are!

  • You can mix up the flavour combinations, using the same base, so that you don't get bored!

Below is a recipe for you to try and you can mix and match the toppings and fillings to ensure that you get a good balance of healthy fats, protein and at least a portion of fruit to set you up for the day.

Serves: 1, but you can always double up the recipe, or make a big dish with five portions that's enough for the week - now that's what I call organised!!

Time required: Approximately: 10-15 minutes


BASE (40G)

oats | quinoa flakes | buckwheat flakes


almond milk | hemp milk | coconut milk


1tbsp protein powder | 1 tbsp almond butter l 20g chopped nuts


sesame seeds | flaxseeds | pumpkin seeds l sunflower seeds | chia seeds


½ tsp ground cinnamon l ½ tsp ground ginger (optional)


1 handful frozen/fresh berries

1 chopped apple/pear/peach/nectarine

2 chopped plums/apricots

Choose an item from each category and mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Top with your choice of topping, put in the fridge overnight, and it’s ready for you first thing in the morning!


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