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An initial in-depth 60-minute consultation

A 30-minute protocol walk-through


Regular follow-up consultations (number depends on package)


A personalised nutrition & supplementation plan


Access to recipes that give you inspiration!


Regular check-ins to help you stay on track


Email support for duration of package

Note: supplements and testing are not included in the package price.

Spring In Your Step
3-month package




You will get:

  • Thyroid education - what the thyroid does, what an underactive thyroid means, and understand why you have the symptoms you do!

  • Blood Test Guidance for Thyroid Health: Understand what tests you need, and what the results mean for you!

  • Nutrition for Thyroid Health - what to eat more of and what to avoid to feel your best - personalised for you!

  • Supplementation for Thyroid Health - what supplements can support thyroid health and why.

  • Exercise & Thyroid health - how it can work for or against you! Learn what is best for your thyroid health.

  • Sleep & Stress Management for Thyroid Health - taking your thyroid and overall health to the next level!

  • Future proofing your Thyroid Health - how to take your thyroid health into your own hands for the rest of your life!

  • RESULTS! (more energy, more motivation, reach a happy weight, empowered with thyroid knowledge, and ultimately feel like your best self!)

Supplements & Testing are not included in the package price

Energy Booster
2-month package



You will get:

  • A detailed Health Review to pinpoint your goals and areas to improve

  • A detailed protocol tailored just for you, which is built on over several sessions

  • Access to recipes that give you inspiration

  • Supplement recommendations depending on your needs and budget

  • Lifestyle recommendations to support your health and wellbeing

  • On-going support and encouragement

  • The opportunity to break down your motivations and learn how to stay on track

  • Regular check-ins to help keep you focussed and accountable!

Supplements & Testing are not included in the package price

Prices starting from £499




I am a Thyroid-Focussed Nutritionist who can help you to regain your energy, maintain a healthy weight and feel like your old self again!

As a first step, book your complimentary 30-minute call with me (value £70):

In the call we will see where you are, define your goals and discuss what I can offer YOU.


I will then send you all the details of the package that aligns with your goals and what you need!

I will explain all the commitment and costs upfront, so that you can make an informed decision.

I'm aware that investing in your health can be a daunting step, but it's going to be one of the best decisions you've ever made!

What are you waiting for?

You could be one step closer to feeling great again!



This is Keeley's experience: "After working with Amy I can honestly say that I've taken so much away from this experience. My brain fog has significantly reduced, I get less headaches and I feel amazing! I feel healthier in general and better for incorporating more nutritious food and healthier options into my life. I definitely understand my body better and feel able to listen to what it needs. I have increased my knowledge around nutrition, and I have started to encourage those around me to make healthier choices too! Amy also helped me to form new habits around taking breaks and time out from work - something I didn't realise how much I needed! I would 100% recommend Amy's services to others."

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