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  • Do I have enough time to work with a nutritionist?
    We're all busy - oftentimes health gets put at the bottom of the pile. What if I told you that working with a nutritionist will actually create time in the longer run - wondering how? When making positive changes to our lives through nutrition and lifestyle modifications, my clients tell me they feel more energetic than ever before - they don't feel exhausted all the time and they feel like they finally feel motivated to engage more with life and get through their to-do list. If we're living life to the full, we're essentially making better use of our time, right?
  • Can't I just use Google to find the information I need?
    Sure, you can head over to Google and find lots of useful nutrition-related content, BUT this content isn't personalised for you, is it? Also, let's be honest, the sheer amount of information out there is totally overwhelming and at times contradictory. I will take the headache out of things by personalising recommendations just for you - I also explain the "why" behind my recommendations, so you understand how the changes will benefit you. I will also coach you through implementing changes so you stay on track - I'm pretty sure Google can't do that!
  • How much time do I need to see results?
    This really depends on where you're starting from, but most of my clients tell me they notice changes, however small within just a few weeks. And this is just through making small changes! Imagine what you can achieve over a longer period of time.
  • Will I need to take supplements?
    Not necessarily - every case is different. If I do recommend supplements, I will work with your budget while still focussing on quality. I will even offer you a 10% discount on the supplements that I recommend.
  • Where do I start?
    I recommend booking your free 30-minute chat with me as a starting point. We will meet online, and uncover what you need from me and what you want to achieve. I will share details about the package that fits with your goals, and inform you of the next steps. It's that easy! Book your free session today!

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