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Maybe it's time for a Health MOT?

We service different things in our lives, like our cars, and our boilers, so why not our health? I offer a Nutrition Health MOT package which is designed for the curious amongst you, who want to feel more informed about their health.

This package includes: A comprehensive blood test (where you will need to have a blood draw in a clinic), a mini health questionnaire, and a 60-minute session with me to go over the results and corresponding nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations. 


Note that supplements are not included in the package price. 


This package is perfect for those who generally feel well, but want to make sure that their health is on track. You might also be keen to look at ways to optimise your current habits, so you can truly feel on top of your health! 

  • Do I have enough time to work with a nutritionist?
    We're all busy - oftentimes health gets put at the bottom of the pile. What if I told you that working with a nutritionist will actually create time in the longer run - wondering how? When making positive changes to our lives through nutrition and lifestyle modifications, my clients tell me they feel more energetic than ever before - they don't feel exhausted all the time and they feel like they finally feel motivated to engage more with life and get through their to-do list. If we're living life to the full, we're essentially making better use of our time, right?
  • Can't I just use Google to find the information I need?
    Sure, you can head over to Google and find lots of useful nutrition-related content, BUT this content isn't personalised for you, is it? Also, let's be honest, the sheer amount of information out there is totally overwhelming and at times contradictory. I will take the headache out of things by personalising recommendations just for you - I also explain the "why" behind my recommendations, so you understand how the changes will benefit you. I will also coach you through implementing changes so you stay on track - I'm pretty sure Google can't do that!
  • How much time do I need to see results?
    This really depends on where you're starting from, but most of my clients tell me they notice changes, however small within just a few weeks. And this is just through making small changes! Imagine what you can achieve over a longer period of time.
  • Will I need to take supplements?
    Not necessarily - every case is different. If I do recommend supplements, I will work with your budget while still focussing on quality. I will even offer you a 10% discount on the supplements that I recommend.
  • Where do I start?
    I recommend booking your free 30-minute chat with me as a starting point. We will meet online, and uncover what you need from me and what you want to achieve. I will share details about the package that fits with your goals, and inform you of the next steps. It's that easy! Book your free session today!

What My Clients Say

I feel amazing!

"After working with Amy I can honestly say that I've taken so much away from this experience! My brain fog has significantly reduced, I get less headaches and I feel amazing!"



I have a variety of different programmes on offer.

Not sure which one you need? Book a free 30-minute chat with me so that we can discuss your needs and goals and find a programme that works for you.


Health MOT

Designed for the curious amongst you, who want to feel more informed about their health.

This package is perfect for those who generally feel well, but want to make sure that their health is on track.


8 Week Energy Booster Programme

Designed for those who want to kickstart some positive changes in their lives. You might be feeling like you’re not quite as healthy and energetic as you could be, even though you already make some healthy choices where you can. 


12 week Spring in Your Step Programme

Designed for those who are struggling with various symptoms and possibly a health condition (or two). You likely haven’t been feeling yourself for a while, and you’re ready to make some changes that support your health conditions and hopefully lessen some of the challenging symptoms

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